Do you want to ensure successful adoption of your new system?
Your new operation model?
Your desired corporate culture?

ConX leads organizational change by:

ConX has experience managing complex projects, developing communication plans, performing stakeholder and change impact analysis, leading focus groups, coaching managers and executives who lead change in the organization, supporting training, handling resistance, and working with project managers and building project teams responsible for the technical aspects of a change.

Consulting Services

ConX provides a variety of specialized business solutions that rely on traditional and advanced technologies. Our key differentiator is that we view every solution as a business solution first and a technology solution second.

Our technical expertise is applied with the active involvement of our management consulting staff so that technology initiatives are closely aligned with the business’ strategic goals.

Our approach is one of inclusion and collaboration with all the stakeholders so the end result is an effective business initiative. Consulting services include Change Management and Facilitation and Team Building.

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